Differences between two versions of Recorder Plus

There are two versions of Recorder Plus.

Sometimes it leads to confusion to users.

We will explain differences between these two versions and help users to make their choice in this article.

  1. iPhone free version (free)
  2. iPad free version  (free)

All these two versions of Recorder Plus are independent.

iPhone version can run both on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

iPad version is optimized for iPad and can only run on iPad.

If you have purchased iPad version, you still need to pay $2.99 again for iPhone version to let the app run on your iPhone/iPod touch.

So basically we recommend purchasing iPhone version, because it can run on all iOS devices (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad).

All these two versions have the following basic features:

  1. Best recording quality
  2. The recording time length only depends on the disk space and battery power
  3. Support recording with bluetooth headset and external mic
  4. Support playback with AirPlay
  5. Auto backup recording to Google Drive, extremely safe
  6. Auto resume recording after interrupted by incoming call or alarm clock
  7. Support remote control to start recording and add marker
  8. Export recording with WiFi or Email or Cloud drive

Even in the free version there is NO trial time limit for these basic features.

In paid version there are the following paid features:


  1. No advertisement
  2. Shortcut of export all recordings
  3. Insert and overwrite record
  4. Cut,Copy,Paste,Undo,Redo recording
  5. Import audio from other apps or cloud drive for editing
  6. Add markers and marker description to existing recording
  7. 0.5, 1.5, 2 playback speed
  8. FF, Rewind, Loop control
  9. Export with Email, Open In, Photo Album, Cloud.

In free version users can tap the “i” button, then “Purchase” ($2.99) to unlock trial time limit and get all paid features.

When paid features are activated in Recorder Plus. Users can get the following professional features by paying ADDITIONALLY $2.99:

  1. Support more sample rate (8kHz, 11kHz, 22kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz)
  2. Support more bit depth (16bit, 24bit, 32bit)
  3. Monitoring support (Monitoring with headset when recording)

Professional features is NOT necessary for most users and should be ignored.


For users want to install purchased app on other device or reinstall, we recommend this article:

How to download past purchased Recorder Plus


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